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School Closure - Maths

Daily videos to get your Maths brain thinking and revise previously taught learning:

Count to 100:

Counting in 2s 

Counting in 5s:

Counting in 10s:

Tens and Ones: 

3D Shapes:

2D Shapes:

Number bonds to 10:


Also please don't forget to visit Maths ICT Games


You can also support your children at home with their Maths at home by revising the following:

Asking pupils to share out the cutlery at dinner time

Estimating and measuring amounts through cooking

Learning to tell the time to o'clock only

Asking pupils to record the date each day (Can they identify the day, date, month and year?)

Ordering the days of the week/ months of the year

Adding and subtracting numbers within 20 using concrete materials/ drawing a number line

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

Identifying one more and one less than a given number

Play 'Guess my number' providing pupils with clues (my number is between 20 and 22)

Practice writing numbers in both numerals and words - ensuring numbers are formed correctly!

Making number bonds to 10 and 20


Please don't forget you can record any work in the yellow home learning book and via class dojo.



Maths worksheets for home learning WB 30.03.20

Maths revision mats for home learning WB 11.05.20 - *These may be a little harder!*

If you have managed to complete all Maths Revision mats there are some harder ones. Please let your class teacher know if you wish for these to be uploaded :)

Recipes for home baking

Recipes for home baking 1
Recipes for home baking 2

Measure, Weight, Capacity & Volume

Why not have a go and baking some of your favourite foods using the following recipes: 


This would support your child's development in this area of Mathematics.

Please remember to send your homemade creations into class dojo so that they can be shared with both your class teachers and your peers!