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This unit introduces Fractions for the first time.

It builds on children’s knowledge of equal parts, which they have come across in previous units about multiplication and division. This unit also exposes children to equal parts in a range of contexts, including shape, numbers, measurements and money.


Within this unit, children will be introduced to fraction specific key language such as numerator and denominator and will be able to explain what each word means in context.


This week children will be introduced to the unit of Fractions practically :) 

Tuesday - Finding Half of Shapes

National Curriculum Fractions For Year One - recognise, find and name a half as one of two equal parts of a

Wednesday - Finding a half

On Wednesday use quantities to share equally between Spiderman & Rapunzel to find half of a number.


Could you share:

  • 6 sweets
  • 4 pens
  • 12 pasta shells
  • 8 forks

Thursday - Finding Quarters of Shapes

On Friday please create your own pizza! Don't forget you will need to split your pizza into 4 equal parts so that your toppings can be shared equally into the quarters.


There are some challenge cards attached too but please don't worry if you don't attempt these. If you decide too please ONLY use the relevant challenge cards for finding a half and a quarter.