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This week, we are continuing looking at measuring / calculating perimeter and area. This is continuing with what we were doing last 

You can choose to watch the teaching video or work through the teaching slides (or do both) and then complete the worksheet for Monday & Tuesday. For Wednesday & Thursday go back and look at previous days teaching slides. On Friday, complete the end of unit test.

In addition, we will also have our Arithmetic lesson (MONDAY ZOOM LESSON). Revise some of the skills we were looking at last half term and introduce a new skill (if we feel ready enough).

 These include: 

  • squaring and cubing numbers
  • adding decimals
  • using times table facts for large multiplications e.g. 3 x 400
  • adding / subtracting up to 6 digit numbers
  • multiplying and dividing by 10,100 & 1000
  • multiplying by 1 digit & by 2 digits
  • bus stop division for diving by 1 digit
  • new skill this week - adding fractions


Still image for this video


Still image for this video