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Maths consists of 5 lessons and 1 arithmetic lesson.


The 5 lessons this week are all about multiplying by 2 digits and using the bus stop method for short division, including with remainders. Check the method and then practice using the questions on the worksheets.


In Arithmetic, we will revise some key skills already learnt.

 These include: 

  • squaring and cubing numbers
  • adding decimals
  • using times table facts for large multiplications e.g. 3 x 400
  • adding / subtracting up to 6 digit numbers
  • multiplying and dividing by 10,100 & 1000
  • multiplying by 1 digit & by 2 digits
  • bus stop division for diving by 1 digit

Our new skill that we will introduce is dividing using the bus stop method with remainders (which links to our Maths lessons).

Spend time this week going through the Arithmetic paper, as this week it Arithmetic test 1B (the 2nd half of the paper) and circling questions you don't know how to answer then spend time learning the method instead of completing the whole test.