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This week we are going to be solving addition word problems and multiple methods of subtraction.  There is an Arithmetic lesson at the bottom of the page that needs to be completed too.


If there are any questions, please contact your teacher via Dojo.

Monday - Solving Word Problems

Look at the word problems above and try solving them in your favourite method that you have learnt.  Show your workings out and check your answers to see if they are correct.

Tuesday - Maths Mat

Complete the Maths Activity Mat above.  Show your workings out.  Can you write or tell an adult the meaning of these words:

* altogether

* fewest

* less than

* more than

Wednesday - Subtraction - crossing out

Watch the video below and complete the worksheet when prompted in the video.

Thursday - Subtraction - taking away - using the a ten frame

Watch the video below and complete the worksheet with prompted. There is a blank ten-frame for you to use if needed for further questions on the worksheet.

Friday - Subtraction - find a part

Watch the video below and complete the worksheet when prompted.

This lesson you need to write your numbers from 0 to 10 in words.  Before trying the activities, can you use your phonics to sound the words out?  There is a word mad to help you if you get stuck.