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This week’s Theme Park Project work does not require any Mathematical skills necessarily. It is more about the designing elements. However, for anyone missing their Maths this week we have uploaded some Arithmetic questions so you can work through those. Remember you can also be accessing Times Table Rockstars, Purple Mash or other online games such as Hit the Button.


Lesson 1- To investigate and analyse a range of existing products to create a design criteria.

Think about whether you have ever seen a leaflet or advert that has made you want to visit somewhere or get something. What were the things that made the advert so appealing?

Have a look at a range of websites for their brochures. If your parents are visiting a local supermarket they sometimes have a range of these leaflets displayed for you to pick up and have a look at.

Think about what is appealing about these brochures and leaflets. Write yourself a likes and dislikes list. Then create your success criteria – these are the things you will make sure you include in your brochure.

Some links you may wish to use:


Lesson 2-  To create an appealing design for a chosen audience.

During this lesson, you will begin planning your design. Use the PowerPoint presentation to think about the questions.

The front cover- what information is included? What persuasive features will you use?

Themed areas- what are your themed areas called? Do you have any?

Rides / attractions – think about name choices for your main rides and attractions. Try to make sure there is something that appeals to everyone.

Food outlets – how do you want to show these in the brochure? Could you offer discounts or a reward system?


Lesson 3 & 4-  To create an appealing design for a chosen audience.

Begin creating your brochure design. You can use the template provided or a piece of paper. We would love to see these of Class Dojo so please send them over once they are finished.


Lesson 5- LI: To evaluate a product.

Have a look back at your success criteria- does your design meet what you set out to do? Would you improve it any way? Does it inform customers? Does it give details of rides, attractions and food outlets? Is it persuasive? Does it look bright, colourful and appealing?