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Over the next few weeks you will be completing a mini project which involves designing your own theme park. Not all of the lessons will be strictly Maths lessons during this project; some will need to be evaluating and designing.


We hope you enjoy creating your theme parks and look forward to seeing some designs on Class Dojo! Feel free to work through the lessons at your own pace- spending as much or as little time on each as you feel necessary.


This week you will look at dealing with money and your first draft plans, following the guidelines given. Remember to read all of the instructions carefully. Good luck & enjoy!


First, you should look through the PowerPoint which will explain the project to you.

Then, look at the Building Cost Budget sheet and work through this.

Next, spend time working through the First Draft Plan Activity sheet.

Finally, at the end of the week spend time evaluating your progress. If you have found you are over budget or haven’t followed the guidelines in any way see if you can create a final design which does.