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This week there is a new plan for maths learning. We have been really impressed with some of the work sent in so far, so keep up the good work.

Plan for maths learning :

1.Play Times Table rock stars.

2.Try 'Hit the button' online as a warm up game.

3.Watch the video links for each lesson; stop the video when asked and complete the activity.

4.Complete the worksheet for each lesson and check your answers.

5. Show your teacher your work.


Challenge: On Fridays you will be asked to complete a challenge. Once you have completed all the challenge questions you can send your teacher a message to let them know how you got on or send a picture. Your teacher can then send you a certificate via dojo for completing the challenge.



NOTE - You can always message your teacher if you need support in any of the skills, we can work through them with you. 

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