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This week, we are writing an information leaflet all about Mexican festivals. 


The features of an information leaflet include: headings, sub-headings, bullet points, captions/annotated diagrams. Remember to try to include some of your Year 6 writing features: punctuation, words from the spelling list, adverbials, conjunctions, joined handwriting.  




Use sources including non-fiction books, encyclopedias, the web and modelled example (see below) to find out about festivals and celebrations important to Mexican culture.

Make notes however you wish - you could jot your ideas down on the fact file planning sheet below, a mind map, flow chart, list, poster etc. 

Add drawings to your work if you want to. 


There are several Mexican festivals and celebrations that you could find out about, including the Day of the Dead, celebrated each year from 31st October – 2nd November; Fiesta de Santa Cecilia, celebrated on 22nd November; and Día de la Independencia (Independence Day), celebrated on 16th September.


Take a look – there are many more to choose from!



Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Recap festivals researched on Monday by reading through your notes. Go through daily and pick a different festival to write about (e.g Tuesday- Festival St Cecilia, Wednesday- Day of the Dead & Thursday- Independence Day). 


Look at modelled example (below) like we normally do in Literacy and adapt parts of this to make it your own following the Year 6 writing criteria.


Use the information from both the modelled example and any information you found out on Monday to write your information leaflet. 


Read it back through and check it makes sense / edit after each paragraph. 




Carefully read over and edit what you have written so far, up-levelling and improving in a different colour if possible. If you feel ready, you can top copy your leaflet in and add images to make it look more appealing for someone to read.