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Guided Reading/GPS

Monday: Read the first two slides of 'All about Lighthouses' (Transport, Ships)

How long ago did people travel on aeroplanes?

Answer the talk about it question. 

When were trains invented?

Look at the picture of the ship - can you describe it in four words?

How does the captain know if they are near land?


Tuesday: Read the next three pages of the 'All About Lighthouses' (Lighthouses, Lighthouses from Long Ago)

Where are lighthouses built?

Where was the lighthouse of Alexandria situated?

Complete the Talk about it activity

When was Smeaton's Tower built?

Can you describe what a lighthouse looks like?

Would you like to live there? Why/Why not?


Wednesday: - Read the next three pages - How is a Lighthouse designed, How have lighthouses changed, lighthouses around the world. 

Draw a picture of a lighthouse and label the features. Explain each of the features in your own words. 

How was the lighthouse lit up? 

What was the lighthouse keepers job? 

Do we still have lighthouse keepers? Why/Why not?

Would you like to be a lighthouse keeper? Explain your answer. 


Thursday - Read through the 'All About Lighthouses' information page. Answer the questions. Use the text to help you find the answers. 


Friday - Look back at both sets of information from this week. Create an information leaflet about lighthouses. How you choose to present this is up to you. It could be pictures, labelled diagrams, writing, a booklet, a poster. Use the two information pages to help you gather information. Write the information in your own words. Extension: Can you create a glossary of some of the key words?