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Guided Reading



Discuss the Iron Man story and what you thought of it. Thinking about the different aspects of it (characters, story line, etc)


Children to create a book review for the Iron Man based on their opinions. 



Today we are going to be exploring non-fiction texts.

What is a non-fiction text?

How can we tell if a piece of writing is non-fiction?

Work through the non-fiction PowerPoint.


Look at the text on Fossils and answer the comprehension questions. 




Today we are going to be comparing fiction and non-fiction texts. 

What are the differences between fiction and non-fiction texts?

Are there any obvious way we can tell if a piece of writing is fiction or non-fiction?

Work through the PowerPoint comparing fiction and non-fiction features.


Children to create a table with fiction on one side and non-fiction on the other. Write the features in the correct columns- showing they understand how to identify fiction and non-fiction writing.



Re-cap fiction and non-fiction writing. Can they remember any points from their tables they created yesterday?

What is non-fiction writing?

How can we tell?


Read through the Non-fiction text about Mars and see if the children are able to identify any of the non-fiction features previously discussed. 

Children to read through the text about Mars and answer the comprehension questions. 



Share a book with your adult/sibling/pet/teddy bear and discuss what has happened in the story.

  • Is it fiction or non-fiction?
  • How do you know?
  • What did you like about it?
  • What do you think could have been better?