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Guided Reading

For Guided Reading this week, you will have a variety of comprehension tasks, including pages your KS2 Reading SATs Buster that was delivered to you last week and the Year 6 SATs Revision Guide below. You will also have set pages from "Pig Heart Boy" assigned with READ questions for you to complete. The pages for these will be provided in a Powerpoint below with the questions.

We will also be reading Chapters 5-9 of Pig Heart Boy for our story time on Class Dojo so, if you have a copy, feel free to follow along!




Monday - Pig Heart Boy "READ" Questions (See PPT below) 


Tuesday - "Winter Solstice" Twinkl Reading Comprehension (see below)


Wednesday - Zoom Lesson with Mrs Manning - KS2 Reading SATs Buster - Section 2: Drive-in to 1950s America pages 18-20


Thursday - "The Orang-utan Nursery" pages 38-39 (Non-Fiction) - Year 6 SATs Revision Guide


Friday - Pig Heart Boy "READ" Questions (See PPT below) 



(The answers for Thursday are located on pages 61-64 for you to mark your work. Remember, not all answers will be exactly the same!

It is HOW you answer the question that counts!)