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Ask the children what they already know about clauses.


Explain: A clause is a group of words that

Includes a subject and a verb.

There are two types of clauses,

independent clauses and subordinate clauses

  • The independent clause makes sense on its own because it is a complete thought.

  • subordinate clause supports the independent clause. The opening words of subordinate clauses show that they are dependent on the independent clause.


Watch (second video):


Work through ‘Coordinating conjunctions PowerPoint’


Display ‘FANBOYS’ poster.


Children to write sentences including coordinating conjunctions (use different conjunctions for each sentence).



Work through ‘Using subordinate clauses PowerPoint’, children to complete slide 5 on paper.

Watch (both videos):


Display ‘I SAW A WUBUB’ poster.

Children to compose sentences containing subordinate clauses and conjunctions. 







Look over week's spelling. Use the spellings in sentences to give context.

Use spelling words to play hangman. 


Can you create a word search for your spelling words?



Recap over week learning.


Recap over 'FANBOYS' and 'I SAW A WUBUB' posters.


Remind children of independent and subordinate clauses.


Work through 'Subordinating conjunctions PowerPoint' Children to complete tasks on paper.


Work through subordinating coordinating PowerPoint.












Complete the spelling test.