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Welcome Back 

You will be pleased to hear we have covered all the key skills you need to have learnt for Year 6 within GPS! However it is now very important to revise these skills and retain the information to use in our writing. Each day this week you will spend time revising a grammatical skill and then complete either test style questions or an activity using the skill. Send us your work once complete and we can mark or give feedback on any work you complete. 

You will need a pen and paper or a word document open to complete the work on this PowerPoint. Read and work through the tasks and send us your work once complete. 
Work through the PowerPoint and make sure you understand how the subjunctive form is used to make writing seem more formal. Next complete the test style questions.
Work through the lesson PowerPoint and take notes if you want to. Make sure you understand the different forms of English and when they should be used then complete the test style questions.
Work through the PowerPoint to refresh your memory of determiners and complete the small activities on pen and paper as you go. Then choose a determiner detective worksheet, there is a 1*, 2* and 3* sheet so choose the level you feel confident working at. 

Take a spelling test today, asking an adult or sibling to help by reading out the words to you. Add up your score and send us the results ! 


Once complete write one sentence for each spelling word ensuring again you use the correct spelling and you understand the meaning of the word.

e.g. cough - This morning, I woke up with a nasty cough but luckily it went away quickly.

thought - I thought about going for a bike ride today however snow started falling so I didn't think it would be safe.


There is also a word search for you to have a go at as an extra challenge. The words can be found going: forwards and backwards, up and down or diagonally. 


Each day practice your spellings using the look, cover write and check method. When you look at your spellings, first identify the rule, then look up the meaning of any words you do not understand using a dictionary or the online dictionary link below. 


You will complete a mini test on Friday and there will be a word search and activity to complete.