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This week we are going to be learning about the conjunction 'and'.  We are going to be learning when and how to use correctly when writing sentences.  Our spelling focus for the week is 'll' and 'ff' at the end of words.  The spellings you need to learn are: 

1. stuff

4. fill

2. off

5. doll

3. cliff

6. smell



"and" is a conjunction.  A conjunction is used when you join two or more ideas or sentences together.  There are several conjunctions, but today we are just going to focus on using 'and'.  Work through the PowerPoint below to learn about the rules of adding "and" into a sentence.  After complete Activity 1 removing the full stop from the first sentence, replacing it with the conjunction 'and', and then adding the second sentence to it.  


Tuesday - Spellings

This week we are learning when to add a double letter at the end of a work  The rule is, when there is a short vowel sound with only one friend next to it, we have to double that letter to protect the vowel.  Have a look at the poster and video below for more information.

Nessy Spelling Strategy: Flossy Words | FF LL SS | Learn to Spell
How do you know when you should put a double letter at the end of a word? Flossy words are words with short vowel sounds that end in a doublet.

Practice your spellings by using your sounds.  This week, all the double letters come at the end of the words.


After, why not split some paper into four, choose four of your spellings and play bingo!


Think back to Monday and can you explain when we would use the conjunction 'and' in a sentence?


Well done if you said "to join tow or more ideas, phrases, sentences or clauses together".


Look at the PowerPoint below and practice Activity 2 on a whiteboard or piece of paper.


You should all be able to explain when to use 'and' in a sentence.  Why not explain this to someone at home.  After I would like you to try and join the two parts of the sentences, in the document below, together.  Remember to read the sentences carefully and cut and stick them neatly.


Please complete a spelling check and send the results to the class teacher.