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Lesson 1 – Revise Conjunctions and Clauses (Teams lesson)

Last week we looked at conjunctions. Can you remember what all the letters stand for in FANBOYS and ISAWAWABUB?

When looking through the PowerPoint, see if you can spot the conjunctions within the sentence.

What do you remember about main clauses?

They are the part of the sentence that contains a subject and verb and can be a complete sentence on its own. They do not start with a conjunction.

Continue the PowerPoint and find the main clauses.


Lesson 2 – Spelling -tious and -cious

Write out your spellings in a fancy or coloured pen. Using a dictionary, or this link to a dictionary, find out what your spellings mean. Create some sentences with your spellings, can you use more than one in a sentence?
Use the PowerPoint to decide which ending would be best for the root word (-tious or -cious)

Complete the -tious -cious Activity Sheet.



Lesson 3 – Revise Subordinate Clauses (Video lesson)

We now know what a main clause is, we are not looking at subordinate clauses. This is where two sentences are joined together using subordinate conjunction (ISAWAWABUB).

Find the subordinate clauses within the PowerPoint.


Lesson 4 – Revise Relative Clauses

Thinking about how we can add subordinate clauses to main clauses, we are going to revise our knowledge of relative clauses. These are added to main clauses using relative pronouns (who, whom, which, that, and how). These can be anywhere within the sentence.

Find the relative clauses within the PowerPoint.


Lesson 5 – Spelling test

Practise the spellings before being tested, then ask a family member to read your spelling words to you. How many can you get correct?