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Lesson 1 – Revise Conjunctions (Monday Teams lesson)

What is a conjunction? How many types of conjunction are there? How many can you name?

To remind yourself, look at the FANBOYS and ISAWAWABUB posters, they also tell you what type of conjunction they are.

See how many questions you can get correct in the Conjunction Quiz, look back to the posters if you are unsure.

Complete the FANBOYS Worksheet.


Lesson 2 – Spelling Year 5 and 6 Common Exception Words

Write out your spellings in a fancy or coloured pen. Using a dictionary, or this link to a dictionary, find out what your spellings mean. Create some sentences with your spellings, can you use more than one in a sentence?
Play the Snowball Smash game that includes some of our spellings.

Lesson 3 – Use Subordinating Conjunctions

Can you name all the subordinating conjunctions (ISAWAWABUB)?

Look through the Subordinating Conjunctions PowerPoint to ensure you know how to use them correctly.

Complete the first pages on ISAWAWABUB Jigsaw 1 and 2.


Lesson 4 – Revise Noun Phrases

What is a noun? A simple noun? An expanded noun phrase?

Here are some examples -

Noun: cat

Simple noun: a cat

Expanded noun phrase: a small, fluffy cat with a long tail

Did you notice there are no verbs?

Work through the Noun Phrase Mini Test, how many can you get correct?


Lesson 5 – Spelling test (Friday Teams lesson)

Practise the spellings before being tested.