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This week we will be learning about verbs. Verbs are action words,

Our spelling focus is the 'ch/tch' sound. 

Here are the spellings you will need to learn this week:

1. chip 

2. chick

3. catch

4. fetch

5. kitchen



Monday - Verbs

Work through the powerpoint below to find out what a verb is.

Tuesday - Spellings ch/tch


Today, take some time to practise your spellings. If you wish to, you can use some of the sheets below.

Wednesday - Verbs


Hide some verb cards around the house. Ask your child to find them and complete the action. Once they have found the cards, they could fill in the verb hunt sheet.

Thursday - Verbs

Play a game of Simon Says using lots of different action words. Ask your child to choose an action word and draw a picture of it. Then can they write a sentence containing their action word.

Friday - Spelling


Complete a spelling check with this week's spellings. Please send these to your child's class teacher via dojo.