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Ask the children "what is a word family? Can you come up with a definition for what a word family is?"

  • A word family is a group of words that are built from the same root word and are related in form and meaning, for example, friends, friendly, friendship. 

Start by showing the children a set of words belonging to the same word family and ask them what they notice about these words (agree, agreement, agreed, disagree).


Work through the PowerPoints.




Re-cap what word families are and see if the children can remember any of the key vocabulary.

Tell the children that you can usually see a pattern within word families - show a list of words (respect, respected, respectful, disrespectful) and ask the children what the pattern might be?

Give the children a list of root words and ask them to think of as many words belonging to that family as possible. Create a spider diagram for each word family.

  • forgive
  • take
  • fear
  • brave



Re-cap word families. 

  • Talk to the children about prefixes and suffixes and discuss that you cannot use and prefix or suffix and add it to any root word. It has to make sense. Encourage the children to use the word in a sentence to see if it sounds right to help them if they are unsure. 

Ask the children to see if the following words have the correct prefix/suffix. 

  • Diskind
  • Agreement
  • Thankness
  • Careful
  • Reconsider
  • Unfear


Ask the children to write the words 'kind' and 'cover' and the prefixes and suffixes dis, un, in, ly, ment, ness, re, ful, ed and ing. 

The children are to write the new words for the word families which make sense. 



Re-cap over this weeks spellings. Ask the children to think of sentences including their spelling words.

Complete the 'Dictations' worksheets.

Complete spelling word search.



Complete your spelling test.