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Lesson 1 – Revise Clauses 

Look through the PowerPoint to remind yourself what clauses and phrases are. Identify the clause and phrase as you go through the PowerPoint. Use the ISAWAWUBUB sheets to help you with the Complex Sentence Dice Game.


Lesson 2 – Spelling Year 5 and 6 Common Exception Words

What is the difference between desert and dessert? Think about how we pronounce the two words. Can you pronounce all your spellings correctly? Use the game Spelling Maze Monster to practise your spellings.

Lesson 3 – Revise Relative Clauses (Wednesday's Zoom Lesson)

What needs to be added to this sentence:

The bunny who had a beautiful fluffy tail was running to the gate.

Look through the PowerPoint. Create sentences using the Writing Relative Clause Sentences slide.


Lesson 4 – Revise Clauses (Thursday's Zoom Lesson)

Look through the PowerPoint. Complete the quiz within the PowerPoint to see if you have understood the difference of clauses and phrases. Complete the Phrase and Clause Tick Sheet.


Lesson 5 – Spelling test

Ask someone in your house or you could do this virtually with a friend, to test you on your spellings for this week.