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Lesson 1 – Punctuation and Tenses (MONDAY ZOOM LESSON)

Look through the PowerPoint. The first two slides need to be re-written with the correct punctuation. The third needs to be re-written in the present tense. Can you challenge yourself with re-writing them in the future tense?


Lesson 2 – Spelling Year 5 and 6 Common Exception Words

Spend time like we would in class learning the pattern. You could play hangman, create a word search or complete your look, cover, write, check.

Use a dictionary and find the meaning of these words. Put them into sentences, maybe you can make a sentence with more than one word.


Lesson 3 – Revise Tenses

Look through the PowerPoint. Split a page in two, one said with ‘Past’ the other with ‘Present’. List the verbs from the sentences in the past or present.

Complete Changes of Tenses.


Lesson 4 – Revise Past and Present Tense

Write as many verbs as you can in past and present tense in 2 minutes. E.g. jumped (past) jumping (present).

How many can you list?

Complete the Mini Test.


Lesson 5 – Spelling test

Ask someone in your house or you could do this virtually with a friend, to test you on your spellings for this week.