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Daily Spellings

This week we are continuing our task is to learn five spelling words each day from the Year 5/6 list (this can be found on last weeks remote learning page if you don't still have it). Start with the next five words on your list and work down the list throughout the week. Look, cover, write and check each word three times. Then set a 1 minute timer and complete a small spelling test seeing how many of the five words you can spell accurately without having them in front of you. Send us your scores when complete. By the end of this week you will have learnt 20 new words and 60 now in total this term!

Work through the prepositional and adverbial phrases power point, completing the activities as you go. Try to write at least two of your own phrases for each type once you have worked through the power point. 
As well as adverbial phrases we can use adverbials to front/start our sentences. Read through the power point explaining the use of fronted adverbials and then complete the activity sheet. Select your own level or ask your teacher which level you should be working at.. 1* if you are not feeling very confident, 2* if you are confident and the 3* if you would like to be challenged. You do not need to complete all three. 
We can also use prepositional phrases to front/start our sentences, these are called prepositional openers. If you need to recap your knowledge of prepositional phrases from Monday's lesson use the power point (from Monday) to revise and then complete the activity sheet. 
It's your chance to show off your skills. Your task is to write a short story of no more than 400 words using only fronted adverbials or prepositional openers to start your sentences. No 'The' allowed. Your story can be as original and creative as you like. If you need some ideas or inspiration use the power point to help get you started and motivated to write. Send us your short stories once complete and have fun. 
Use this day to complete your spelling test. Ask and adult or member of your household to read out your spelling words from the week and see how many you can accurately spell. You should also use this day to complete the 5 SAT's style GPS questions. Let us know how you get on !