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This week we will be learning about nouns. Nouns are naming words and can be a place, a person or a thing.

Our spelling focus is the 'ck' sound. 

Here are the spellings you will need to learn this week:

1. black                2. clock
3. chick               4. brick
5. sock                6. rocket


Monday - Nouns


Work through the nouns powerpoint below. Today we are just looking at slide 1-6. Once you have reached slide 6, your challenge is to go on a noun hunt. You can use the sheet below to record the nouns that you find.



Tuesday - Spelling practise


Have a look at your spellings (black, clock, chick, brick, sock, rocket) and talk about the meaning of each one. Draw a picture of each spelling word and write the word beneath the picture. There are also a couple of activities below that you could complete.

Wednesday - Nouns


Today we will recap the slides we looked at earlier in the week (slides 1-6) to remind ourselves what a noun is. Then look at slide 7. Write a list of all the nouns you see.

Thursday - Nouns


If you need to remind yourself what a noun is look at slides 1-6.  Then work through slides 8-14 to identify nouns in sentences.

Friday- Spelling test.


Complete a spelling test using the spellings above. Please send pictures or results in to your teacher via class dojo.