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Daily Spellings

This week we are continuing our task is to learn five spelling words each day from the Year 5/6 list (this can be found on last weeks remote learning page if you don't still have it). Start with the next five words on your list and work down the list throughout the week. Look, cover, write and check each word three times. Then set a 1 minute timer and complete a small spelling test seeing how many of the five words you can spell accurately without having them in front of you. Send us your scores when complete. By the end of this week you will have learnt 20 new words and 40 in total this term! 

Work through the modal verbs power point revising why and when we use them. Once you feel confident you understand what a modal verb is and how to use it open the desert island sheet and complete the task given. You can choose as many or as little of the items as you feel you can to write sentences about. Once complete send us your work, we would love to see which items you select and why !  
See if you can use your knowledge to add the correct modal verb to each sentence. This activity is available at 3 different levels. If you are very confident start with the 3* task, if you are feeling quite confident complete the 2* and if you do not feel very confident use the 1* activity to practice. Remember if you need any support you can contact your teacher. Send us your work once you have completed the tasks.  
Consider the situations on the activity sheet and see if you can create a sentence using one of the modal verbs provided to show how you would deal with the event. Send us your ideas once complete !
Modal verbs allow you to say what will and wont be and state the degree of possibility of other events occurring. Considering what lies ahead of you in life is a good opportunity to use a variety of modal verbs.  Using the prompts provided on the activity sheet think about how your life might be as an adult and what you could achieve. Complete the sheet then send us your work as we would love to see it ! 
Mini test time. Let's see how much you have learnt this week by completing a small test on modal verbs. Use the revision guide to boost your memory and then give yourself 15 minutes to complete the sheet. Once completed send us you results.