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Happy new year Year 6 !!!!


I hope you have all had a lovely break and are looking forward to starting your learning again this week. In GPS we will be focusing on identifying and understanding the purpose of each word class and refamiliarising ourselves with the year5/6 spelling words. 


Remember to send us your work through class dojo or via the year 6 email address so we can see what you have doing, we love receiving your work.

Daily Spellings

This week your task is to learn five spelling words each day from the Year 5/6 list. Start with the first five words and work down the list throughout the week. Look, cover, write and check each word three times. Then set a 1 minute timer and complete a small spelling test seeing how many of the five words you can spell accurately without having them in front of you. Send us your scores when complete. 





Today you should work through the word class power point. Start by choosing a coloured word on the first slide and reading through the explanation for which word class it belongs to. Then see the examples given on the next few slides, can you add your own example to each slide? The power point concludes with a small quiz to test your knowledge, let us know how you get on !  
This worksheet asks you to match the word class with it's definition and then write a few examples of each. Use the knowledge you gained yesterday to match them, are there any word classes you know that are missing from this worksheet? Add any further word classes you know, their definition and an example on the back of the sheet and then send us photos of you work. 
These worksheets are set for three different levels, 1*, 2* or 3*. If you are fairly confident at recognising word classes start at level 2, if you are not as confident start on the 1* and if you feel very confident, push yourself to start at level 3. You can always switch to another if you think one of the sheets is too easy or difficult. It requires you to identify the different types of word within the text 'Under the lights' using different coloured pencils. Alternatively, you could write the word classes you are looking for in columns at the top of a piece of paper and write the words you identify underneath each column. The answers are the end of the worksheets.  Send us a picture of what you have achieved  :). 
This activity is similar to yesterdays task but today we would like you to complete the level above the level you completed yesterday unless you are still a little unsure (remember you can always message your teacher for help!). If you completed the 3* task yesterday and felt confident, today we would like you to select a page from one of your own reading books at home, write out the word class types you know in columns at the top of a piece of paper and write all the words you can identify in your own text underneath the correct column. Choose a book you love to make it more interesting for you. 

Spelling test

Alongside your work today please ask an adult/brother or sister to read through the 20 year 5/6 spelling words you should now have learnt throughout the week. Complete a spelling test and let us know how many you have remembered.

Daily work

It's Friday and you have almost completed your first week of GPS home learning, well done ! Today you should use all the knowledge you have collected throughout the week to answer 5 SAT's style questions. You can check you answers from the answer sheet and then let us know how you did.