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This week we are learning about subject verb agreement.


A singular subject works with a singular verb.

Eg The box is ready

A plural subject works with a plural verb

Eg the children have arrived.


Work through the power point then have a go at filling in these sentences.

I ___ ready.

They ___ inside.

You ___all in the hall.

She ___ late.

Use the spelling sheet to practice your spellings daily.

For this lesson: 

Can you spot a pattern in the spellings to help you remember which words use -ible and those that need -able ?.



Here is the rule: If you remove -able from a word, you are left with a complete word (renewable, renew). If you remove -ible from a word, you are not left with a complete word (sensible, sens). But note that accessible, contemptible, digestible, flexible and suggestible are among the exceptions to this rule.


Do you know the meaning of these words?

Look up the meanings from a dictionary (either a paper or online version).


Once you know all the meanings write a sentence for each.

Recap the subject verb agreement powerpoint and ensure you understand what each part of the phrase is and how they work together.


Complete activity _________ .

Complete the activity sheet above.

If you are confident you can recognise and use the correct subject verb agreement start with the two star questions. If you are not as confident answer the one star sheet first. 

Friday is our mini test day.


Complete a spelling test. Ask an adult to read out your spellings for you, or write down as many as you can remember and see how many you get correct.


Answer the SAT's style questions from the document attached. This is how we recap all the GPS skills we have learnt so far to ensure they stay in our minds.