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Write a list of conjunctions that you know (linking words).


Work through the power point to refresh your knowledge. 


Without looking at the power point now add to your list. How many more have you learnt today? 

Look at your spellings for the week. 

Can you spot a rule or pattern with the spellings. 

-tious and -cious suffix


Think of the root word for each of the spellings. What do you notice about the letters in the root word and the suffix added?


Look, copy, write and check your spellings, do this each day to ensure you know them all.


Once complete think of any more words you can with either of these endings. 


Now write a sentence for each of your spelling words. If you nned to look up the meaning of your spelling words you can use a dictionary or a google dictionary

Today we are looking at the function of conjunctions. What is their purpose? 


Conjunctions serve different purposes. You can conduct your own research and look at the table provided to sort the conjunctions into the table which matches why it is used. 


Complete the table - If you are stuck with any remember you can always contact us for help.



Recap what they have learnt about conjunctions this week.


  • Different types of conjunction
  • Why do we use conjunctions?
  • Examples of conjunctions
  • Examples of conjunctions in sentences (link to writing lessons).

Create a short presentation /poster about conjunctions.



Today is the day to complete your spelling test. Ask an adult to test you on your spellings. 


Once you have completed the test,  do the word search provided.