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Lesson 1

When we add more information to a piece of writing we add parenthesis. This can be in the form of brackets, dashes and commas. Watch this clip for some more information. Use the PowerPoint throughout the week to help.

Today we are looking at brackets.

Watch this clip.
Complete Lesson 1 activities.

Lesson 2

How of your spellings can you explain the meaning of? If you are unsure of any, look in the dictionary to find the word, you could time yourself to see how quickly you can find it. 
Complete Lesson 2 activities.


Lesson 3

We are looking at using parenthesis again, this time with dashes. 

Watch this clip.
Complete Lesson 3 activities.

Lesson 4

We are going to look at parenthesis again, lastly looking at commas.

Watch this clip.

Complete Lesson 4 activities.

Lesson 5

Have a final practice of your spellings before taking the test, remember to correct any spellings you get wrong.