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Lesson 2 


Go through the PowerPoint and then cut up and re-organise the worksheet so that the information is in the correct paragraphs. 

Lesson 3 


Go through the PowerPoint and then create identify what each of the paragraphs is about in the worksheet. Is it an introduction, new person, new place, new time, new idea or argument etc.? 

Lesson 4 and 5 


Practise this week's spellings using the spelling sheet and the activities provided, and then in Lesson 5 get someone to test you on them. 

If you usually work with an adult in class, complete the activities below. 

Lesson 2 - How paragraphs help us.


Read the story of the Battle of Hastings, and then cut it up in to paragraphs. Then stick them back in to order using the paragraphs to help you. Then, discuss the following questions and write your answers as sentences to show your understanding.

How did the information being grouped in to paragraphs help you to order the story? 

How could paragraphs improve your writing? 

Lesson 3 


Go through the PowerPoint and discuss your answers with an adult. Then read through your work from yesterday. Finally, cut up the worksheet below and re-order it in to subheadings and paragraphs. Once you have finished, add any extra information that you can remember from the Topic Day to the correct paragraphs. 


Lesson 4 and 5 


Lesson 4 is all about practising your spellings using the activities provided, and/or the ideas on your spelling sheet. 

Lesson 5 is your spelling test. Good Luck!