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LI: To investigate geographical locations

Explore these maps of our local area – Southend-on-Sea. Knowing this information, which area do you think would be best to build a Saxon castle?

Look at these pictures of Saxon castles that are still standing today, why do you think this area would be best? Design your Saxon castle in your chosen area.

A Mini Guide to Medieval Castles | Animated History

Watch this short animation to discover how castles developed during the middle ages. We trace their evolution from early motte and bailey castles in Norman t...

This video shows how castles changed over time, around 1066, castles were beginning to be built with stone, so you might want to label your design to show the materials you would have used.

Why not take a walk in your local area to see if there is a good castle location near you. Take some pictures and explain why these would be good areas.