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Reception Remote Learning

Additional Learning Activities


Reading every day -instantly stream an incredible range of stories for FREE! – free e-books (mainly children’s classics) - over 100 books, free to register. – stories for younger children.



Do some free writing every now and then: a diary or daily log or even a comic! Also: – writing linked to some reading activities. - resources to help inspire writing - reading comprehensions and writing packs.



Try some practical hands-on maths: cooking (measuring, weighing, ratios), online shopping, board and card games, reading the time, plan a schedule with timings, use the TV guide to plan viewing.

- - Times Tables Rockstars


- - maths activities to engage in.

- - TV programme for younger children.

- – for anyone who is ‘stuck’ on a particular mathematical term.  - huge range of tablet friendly resources for mental maths



- Go outside and observe the natural world. Create a daily weather log. Grow plants and look at the differences in them on a daily basis. Look up at the night sky and observe the stars, learn about the constellations. - topic linked science resources

- - Science for Early Years - Practical Science activities to help nature -Science activities for older children 



- Some fine motor work. Lego, cutting, playdough, tidying up small toys.

- Some art/music where possible through the week. It doesn't always need to be guided. - different instructional guides for characters from well-loved stories.

- There are a range of artists and musicians offering live streams or with you tube channels to guide you through some art activities.


Across the curriculum

- - Purple Mash creative activities world games

-  - the full range of topics your child is likely to study at primary level.  - some great ideas to inspire activities.

-Jamie Oliver - helps the nation with easy recipes, cooking tips, and ingenious hacks whilst many of us are staying at home. Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On starts Monday at 5:30pm on Channel 4

- Dyson challenge cards – how many can you complete?


Physical Education – Joe Wicks 30 minute workouts.

- - follow the exercise routines – yoga activities for children Wonderland Workout (Mr Bose's online PE lesson week 1) (Mr Bose's online PE lesson week 2) (Mr Bose's online PE lesson week 3) (Mr Bose's online PE lesson week 4) (Miss Lee's online PE lesson week 5) (Mr Bose's online PE lesson week 6) (Mr Bose's online PE lesson week 1 Spring 2)


For more ideas to stay active go to the PE and Sport Page on the school website :-)