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English and GPS

Mexican Festivals

For the next two weeks, you are going to be researching Mexican festivals and writing different text types about them.

You should spend your English sessions completing these tasks. Each task should take you 2-3 sessions, so take your time and give your best effort.

Use sources including non-fiction books, encyclopedias and the web, find out about different festivals and celebrations important to Mexican culture. Create a fact file of the festivals you have discovered. Remember the Topic page for this week has lots of information about the Day of the Dead, which could be a good starting point!

Next you are going to use your fact file to write an information text about one of the festivals you have researched. Use the example below to help you.

After you have finished this task, your next task is to plan and write a persuasive leaflet to advertise the festival to tourists. 

Use the example and vocabulary provided below to help you with this.

Your final task is to use your persuasive leaflet to write an invitation to a friend or family member to your chosen festival.