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This week we are focusing on Paddignton Bear and writing a letter to Aunt Lucy.  Work through the activities below and create your own letter.


Monday - Character Description

Watch the video of the story of Paddington Bear below.  After, draw a picture of Paddington and describe him.  For example, what does Paddington like to eat, describe his character (clumsy/loud/funny), clothing and fur.

Paddington Bear - Read Aloud Bedtime Story

Tuesday - Planning a letter

Look at the power point below about the features and information of how to write a letter.  Using the template and the example given, create your plan for your letter to Aunt Lucy this week.


When planning your letter you need to pretend that you are Paddington (put a red had on if it helps) and writing to your Aunt who is coming to London to visit you.  The main part of our letter will be about the places you are going to take Aunt Lucy when she visits later this month.  Think about all the London landmarks and information you have learnt over this topic and include them in your descriptions and explanations of the landmarks.  See the example below for more information.  You need to make sure you include at least three London Landmarks in your plan and writing this week.

Wednesday and Thursday - Writing the letter

Read through the example letter below and using your plan, write your letter.  The suggestion is that you write your opening sentence and the first place you would take Aunt Lucy when she arrives in London on Wednesday and the final two landmarks and closing sentence on Thursday.  Remember to write in first person (I, me, my, we) as you are pretending to be Paddington; punctuation and phonics; time conjunctions and adjectives.


There is a template for you to use below too and a wordmat at the bottom of the page.

Friday - Edit work

Read back through your letter, check that you have written it with finger spaces and capital letters are included.  Have you remembered your time conjunctions and adjectives?  Try to add in an "and", "but" or "because" to make your writing more interesting.  Can you add a question with a question mark or an exclamation mark?


Send your work to your class teacher.