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The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch - Give Us A Story!

Mr. Grinling, the lighthouse keeper, finds himself in a titanic battle between good and evil with some ravenous seagulls. See how he comes out on top with a ...

Watch the story of the Lighthouse Keepers lunch. Write a sentence about your favourite part of the story using the word 'because'

Draw a picture to go with it. 


Create a storymap to retell the story in order. Use some key words on your story map to sequence the events - eg first, next, then, later


Find out a bit more about the two main characters. Create a chart of adjectives describing the two characters. You could even describe the cat and the gulls too. 


Design a new packed lunch for Mr Grimley which those pesky gulls will not want to eat. Explain what is in your lunchbox and use commas when writing a list.