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Day One: Plant a seed. Use the internet to find out how seeds grow. Write a set of instructions for planting your seed. (If you don't have any seeds then just write the instructions.


Day Two:

Watch the clip on how a seed becomes a plant.

Write an explanation page about how a plant grows. Don't forget to add pictures. 

Check on your seed and see if there is any change - you can keep a seed diary (If you want to add in some Maths - measure the length as it grows.


Day Three and Four: Research different plants that you are interested in. Find out how and where they grow and compare them to each other. Begin to make a poster/powerpoint/explanatory poster explaining what you have found out. Try and use interesting adjectives to describe the plants. Start your sentences in different ways.


Day Five: Write a poem about one of the plants you have been researching. 

Can you make it rhyme?

Can you make it acrostic? 


Don't forget to let us see what you have been up to via dojo :)