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This week we are looking at designing our own vegetable patch. We will use all our recent learning on adjectives, noun phrases and conjunctions (and, because) to design our perfect vegetable patch.

Monday - Read through the powerpoint about creating a vegetable patch. Look at where they should be planted and what you need to prepare. Decide how you are going to design your own vegetable patch - in a tyre, in a plant pot, in a patch, something else creative. 


Design what you would like your vegetable patch to look like and what you would plant. Think about the different colours you would want when the vegetables have grown. Have a look at the posters and think about what some of the vegetables might need to help them grow - eg canes to support growth, room underground. Draw and label your own vegetable patch. 

(If it is a possibility to do this in real life we would love to see your progress as I know lots of you are growing things - but this is absolutely not a neccessity)


Tuesday - Continue your design for your vegetable patch. Can you write a list of expanded noun phrases about your garden (adjectives and nouns eg scrumptious, orange carrots).


Wednesday/Thursday - Create an information page with instructions for someone to look after your vegetable patch. What does the person need to remember? Think of watering, where the vegetables should be placed, the time of year the plants need to be planted. Use the wordmat attached to help you with your writing. 


Friday - Write a letter to a local garden centre explaining your idea for a vegetable patch. Ask them if they would be interested in having a look at your design and why you think they should use it at their garden centre.