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Arctic Adventure Story

This week you will be writing a story set in the Arctic Circle.

The resources you will need for the week are below.


Today you should have and look at the Arctic Story Ideas powerpoint to get some ideas of what you would like to happen in your story. Use the word mat and the story example to plan out your story in the "Story Mountain" format. Beginning, Build Up, Main Event, Resolution, Ending.


Today you will be writing the beginning and build up of your story. Use the story example and word mat to help you. Remember not to give too much away - you should only be setting the scene and then building tension up to your main event.

The three key ways of building tension are:

  • Short sentences
  • Metaphors/Similes
  • Ellipsis ...


Today you will be writing your main event! Remember, your build up should have built tension up to this point and this is the shocking event that will surprise your reader and leave them speechless!


Today you will be writing the resolution to your main event. Think about...

  • How does your character's problem get resolved?
  • How will you start to shape your ending?
  • How has the story developed because of your main event?


Today you should finish your Arctic Adventure Story. Your ending should tie up the lose ends of the story. Remember, your reader has been through a journey and will want to know how your character's adventure will end.

Will you finish with a cliffhanger? Could there be a sequel?

What will your character's fate be?