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Designing a Year 2 Garden

This week in our English lessons we will be designing a new Year 2 garden in the school grounds. The area will allow us to grow plants, create quiet spaces, water features, add our own creations such as plant pots, stones, windchimes etc. We will be looking at the area in the grounds that we have been allocated. Can you design what the new garden will look like and label it? Which plants will you grow? What features would you like the garden to have? Look at some of the pictures for inspiration. Then can you write about your garden in sentences using a range of adjectives.

The second half of the week we will be writing letters to Mr Brogan to persuade him to give us a section of the school grounds. 


Can your letter include:

The reasons we want to make this garden (improve the school environment, a space for the Year 2 children, make it look pretty)

What we plan to do with the garden

Any other reasons you think he should let us have it. 


Don't forget to write who it is to and who it is from