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This week we are going to be writing our own superhero story.

Head over to the Video Resource Centre to hear a Supertato story being read first.


Today, I want you to think about who your superhero in your story is going to be - is it going to be a piece of fruit or a vegetable?  Is there something else you can turn into a superhero?  Then you need to think of a baddie (a pea, brussel sprout or tomato) and finally a setting for your story (supermarket, green grocers or another shop).


After you have thought about these, I would like you to draw a picture of your goody, baddie and the setting in the document below.  Then, write down the name of your characters and settings. 


Today you are going to start writing your story.  Let your imagination run wild!  Use the goody character from yesterday and explain what they are doing in their setting.  Think back to our Supertato Story from yesterday and how it started.  This is all you need to write today.



Today you are going to write the middle of your story.  Now is the time to introduce the baddie from your characters.  What are they doing that is causing a problem?  Write this part today.



Today you are writing the ending of your story.  How has your goody saved the day?  What has happened to your characters?  Where did the baddie get sent to?



Today you are going to read over your story and edit it.  Read the story from start to finish.  Does it all make sense?  Have you spelt your words using the correct phonic sounds?  Have you remembered your finger spaces, capital letters (at the start of a sentence and for a name) and full stops?  When you have finished your story, send it to your class teacher.


Enjoy your writing!