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This week we are taking part in National Shakespeare Week and following the story of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  The weeks work is set in to 8 sessions which consists of watching a video (from the BBC Teach website) and a related activity!  Enjoy this super, fun week!

Draw a picture of each of the 6 characters we have met so far.
Describe each character below.
Colour the picture of the magical flower or draw your own version of the flower.
Complete the sentences with the words from the word bank.
Make your own donkey mask.
Pretend to be Puck and write an apology letter to one of the other characters in the story for his mistake.  There is a word mat at the bottom under "extra resources" which may help you.
Choose to design a wedding dress, suit, wedding cake or wedding card for the upcoming wedding of the Queen and Duke.
Complete the Wordsearch below.

Extra Resources

Please use these resources to help with the activities above and learn more about the author - William Shakespeare.