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This week we are going to be creating a recipe for a superhero.



Have a look at the different recipes that are below.  When do we use a recipe?  Have you ever followed one to make something before?  What did you make?


Can you identify the key features of a recipe?  What are the things that appear on every recipe?

(title, method, ingredients, bullet points, sub-headings, questions, tips, picture, imperative (bossy) verbs).


Today I want you to draw a picture of what the Superhero will look like if someone follows your recipe.



Looks at the best copy recipe, specifically at the title and introduction sentences.  You need to write your own title of the recipe (and underline it with the ruler) underneath the picture of your superhero that you drew yesterday.  Next, write your opening sentence about what this recipe is for and what it is going to make.  Can you add a question in there?



Refer back to the best copy and focus on the recipe list.  what do you notice about how it is written (measurements and bullet points).  Today your task is to write your sub-heading (an underline it with a ruler) of "Ingredients" (under your introduction sentences) and list with bullet points what you need to use to make a superhero.  E.G. 1 tablespoon of bravery, 3 pinches of kindness, 5 cups of love etc.



Refer back to the best copy and read through the method.  Look at how each step is numbered and that each of the steps starts with imperative (bossy verbs).  There is a video below that explains them in more detail that you can watch if you need help.  Today can you write the first 2 steps under your next sub-heading of "Method" (under your ingredients list).



Continue from yesterday’s lesson and finish writing the method.


There are a selection of resources below that will help with your child's writing this week.  When you have finished writing your recipe, please send it in to your class teacher.

The Imperative Verbs Song

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