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Monday - Share Anthony Browne’s book, The Tunnel, and talk about the story. Consider what they would have done if their brother, sister or friend crawled in to a dark tunnel… Would they follow or not? Talk about Rose’s dilemma, responding to questions about what she could have done, what they would do, whether Rose was right to follow her brother and what might be on the other side. Children in school to do a conscious alley to explore how Rose is feeling.

Tuesday - Remind yourself of the story 'The Tunnel.' Look at the picture of Rose in the tunnel. Around the picture, write as many adjectives as you can - describe the tunnel, how she is feeling, how her body feels (cramped, squashed etc). Make your own tunnel in your house/using the tables in the classroom. Crawl through the tunnel. How did it make you feel? What could you see? How did you move? Add more adjectives to the picture.

Wednesday - Look at the pictures from yesterday and remind yourself of some of the adjectives you used. Look at the headings - see, smell, feel, hear, touch. Read through the example of a setting description. Can you sort some of the words under the headings?

Thursday - Use all of your learning from the week to write a setting description about crawling through the tunnel. Use your adjectives and senses work to help you write. Target: Can you use 'but' in your writing? Can you include one question?

Friday - Recap on the story - Rose finding her brother in the forest. Today, you are going to design a new setting that was at the end of the tunnel. Brainstorm ideas of where you could end up - forest, the beach, a secret castle etc. Draw a detailed picture of your new setting at the end of tunnel. Use the adjective word mat to describe your new setting, writing full sentences. Can you use at least 10 of the words?