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 Victorians - Non-chronological report

Our first piece of writing will be a non-chronological report about what education was like for children in Victorian schools. 


If you normally work in a small group or need to refresh your memory on the skills required to write a non-chronological report use the resources below to help you.

Today your task is to find out as much information as you can about life in Victorian schools and fill in your planning template with the research you collect. Use bullet points, lists or pictures to fill in the key information next to the subheadings. You can use the PowerPoint provided or conduct your own research online or using any books you have. 

This lesson will be a recorded lesson on the website by Mrs Manning.

Today you will write your first paragraph. Start by writing your heading/title and then write the first subheading. Use the information you collected in your plan to form sentences using Year 6 skills including relative clauses, fronted adverbials and sophisticated punctuation when possible. You must write in 3rd person and remember a non-chronological report is a formal piece of text so use as much sophisticated vocabulary as you can. 


You can use the example non-chronological report as a guide to writing your own and always message your teacher if you would like any help or support or would like to ask any questions. 


Write your second paragraph today starting with the subheading. Use all the information in your plan to create your sentences. You can use the key ideas and vocabulary card for guidance and to check off any facts you may have missed. 
Write your third paragraph today, you can use the example text and key ideas and vocabulary card to help you. Message your teachers if you need any support. 

Today you will write the final paragraph. Read through your work so far, is there anything you have not included from the Year 6 targets sheet? Or an important feature you have missed from a non-chronological report? Edit and check for sense as you read and then make sure you use the final paragraph to include anything you have missed that would be tricky to add in. Once you have finished your editing and final paragraph you could use the top copy sheets to write out your work in your best handwriting. 



Please send your work to your teacher to read. You can email your work to or send us a picture on class dojo ! 


We look forward to seeing what you have completed.