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This week we are going to be writing a character description about a superhero.



Have a look at the pictures of the superheroes below.  Which one is your favourite and why?

Think of some words that you could use to describe superheroes.  Remember describing words are called adjectives and adjectives describe a noun (a person, a place or a thing).


Make a word bank (or list) of all adjectives that you would use to describe a superhero.  Think of words such as: brave, kind, mask etc.


Using the word bank you made, look at the document below of 5 different superheroes and use your adjectives to describe them.  You do not need to write in sentences but just the words.


Today you are going to design and describe a character.


Using all what you learnt about superheroes yesterday and what you already know about them, I want you to draw your very own superhero!  You need to choose:

  • if they are a boy or a girl
  • what kind of hair, eyes and physical features
  • what superpower(s)
  • what they will wear - boots, mask, gloves etc
  • if they are tall or short
  • what their personality (kind, caring, grumpy, angry, anti-hero) is like


Draw your superhero and write adjectives about your superhero underneath or around it.  Have a look at the example underneath and a wordmat should you need it.


Look back at yesterday's work.  You are going to be organising your adjectives into the correct categories to help with your writing later in the week.  Before you get to your plan, look at the PowerPoint below.  Can you identify the adjectives that belong in the correct category.  The categories we are looking at this week are: personality, appearance and superpower(s).

Now you are experts in organising the adjectives into the appropriate categories, can you do the same with the adjectives you wrote about your superhero yesterday?  Have a look at the worksheet below and write your adjectives in the correct categories.  Can you write 5 adjectives for each category?  There is a wordmat below, if you need some additional ideas!


Using your plan and words from yesterday in the correct categories, now put those words into sentences.  Try and use more than one adjective to describe your superhero and use the conjunction 'and'.  Look at the worksheet below and use the adjectives in a sentence and write it under the correct heading.  Remember you are writing about your superhero that you designed on Tuesday.  Don't forget your every time writing rules:

  • Capital letters at the start of the sentence.
  • Full stops at the end of the sentence.
  • Finger spaces between words.
  • Use your phonics to sound out words.
  • Read your writing back to make sure that it makes sense.


For example, you might say: Mysterious Firefly is a short superhero with piercing blue eyes and long wavy hair.  She has tiny hands and feet but she always wears yellow ankle boots and a matching mask and cape.  Ensuring children are kept safe is Mysterious Firefly's main priority and she does this because she is a kind and caring superhero.  My superhero is brave at all times and has a fearless approach to life because she is so strong.  Her superpowers include x-ray vision and the ability to jump as high as the London Eye without any help.  She also has the ability to transform into other animals or humans in case she needs to hide from a villain quickly.


I suggest, you say your sentence for each category and hold it in your head before you start writing.  In the blank box at the bottom right of the page, you can draw another picture of your superhero.  Use your adjectives and wordmat to help you.


Read back over your work from yesterday.  Make sure that you have 2 sentences for each category.  Go back over our every time writing rules (see Thursday's lesson above for each step) and check you have done all this for your writing yesterday.  With a purple pencil, make sure your writing has everything it needs and makes sense.  Finally, can you up-level your work by ensuring that each sentence has two adjectives in and that you have used the word 'and'.


When you have checked over your work, why not print off another copy of the Character Description Sheet and write up your best copy!