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Monday (Video lesson)
We are continuing to look at Shakespeare's Hamlet this week. Do you remember much of the story so far? If you are unsure, watch the video to help understand the story. You can also look through the Hamlet PowerPoint.

This week, we're going to be writing a diary entry from the perspective of Ophelia. 

Check out today's video for picking out the features of a diary entry by clicking here.

Your task today is to design and create a Front-Cover for the story of Hamlet. 

Shakespeare in Shorts: Hamlet | BBC Teach

An animated version of William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" in a retelling of the classic play set to modern music.


Thinking about Hamlet and Ophelia, create Character Profiles for both characters. If you are unsure what they might look like, why not do some research to see which actors looked like that played the characters - or make it up yourself.


Wednesday (Teams lesson)

Plan a diary entry from Ophelia about what has happened with Hamlet and her father, and how she feels now her father has died. Read through the questions she has asked within the Modelled Version. Can you add any more? What would you want to know? Use the Story Board Sheet to plan out the diary entry in questions and pictures.


Thursday and Friday

Using the Modelled Version, write a diary entry from Ophelia.

The Widgit Version is there for those who normally use them in lessons.