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This term, we are going to learn about Shakespeare and one of his plays. Can you remember the play we looked at last year? To find out more about Shakespeare, see how quickly you can complete the Scavenger Hunt, use books and the internet to help find the information. This video also has a lot of clues.


This animation, narrated by Katie Flamman, was part of a series commissioned by The British Council to mark 400 years of Shakespeare. Katie was nominated for...

Tuesday (Video lesson)

The play we are going to be learning about is Hamlet. The Hamlet PowerPoint will explain the characters and story being told. Watch the video to help visualise the story. Which character do you like? Why? Are there any you don’t like? Mrs Haley has also read a children's version of the play, recorded over 3 videos, that can be found in the video section of the school's website.

Shakespeare in Shorts: Hamlet | BBC Teach

An animated version of William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" in a retelling of the classic play set to modern music.This is from the series: Shakespeare in ShortsSu...


Now you know the story of Hamlet, how do you think he feels throughout the play (beginning, middle and end)? We are now going to plan an informal letter from Hamlet to Ophelia about what has happened, and how he feels, after seeing his father’s ghost who has told him to kill his uncle. Use the Planning Sheet to plot out what you will include in your letter.


Thursday (Teams lesson) and Friday

Using the Modelled Version, write the letter to Ophelia from Hamlet. Use the Figurative Language Word Mat to help you.

The Widgit Version is there for those who normally use them in lessons.