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This week we will be writing a letter.



Read the newspaper article about the alien. Refer back to the alien spaceship that we found on the playground. Do we think it’s the same alien? We are going to be writing a letter asking for the alien back.

Share the Letter features powerpoint and discuss features of a letter - address, date, who the letter is to/from, the reason for writing, extra information, questions. Then re-order the letter, stick onto a plan page and label the features.



Read the good example of a letter. Discuss what you would like to write back to Professor Pong. Why are we writing? What do we want? How will we make the alien welcome? What will we do with the alien? Plan your writing using the planning template.



Look at your plan from yesterday. Today we are going to write the first part. Discuss that for a letter we need an address and a date. Write the address and date and the first few sentences to explain why we are writing.



Look at your plan. Today we are going to write the second part of how we might make the alien feel welcome. Write a few sentences on your letter to explain how you will make the alien feel welcome and look after him.



Look at your plan. Today we are going to write the last part of out letter. Read through your letter so far. Let's write about how we will help the alien get home. Write a couple of sentences to explain how you will help the alien get home and the finish your letter by signing off with 'from'.