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The Pied Piper - Silly Symphony (HD)

Release date 1933Directed by Wilfred JacksonProduced by Walt DisneyMusic by Leigh HarlineStudio Walt Disney ProductionsDistributed by United Artists

Monday - Watch the story of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. What is the story about? Who are the main characters? Work through the powerpoint about the main characters. Draw a picture of the two main characters (Pied Piper and The Mayor) Write as many adjectives as you can to describe them, Can you write a sentence about each character using the word 'because?' Try and include some of your adjectives.

Tuesday - Work through the powerpoint. Remind yourself what an adverbial of time is (first, next, after, then, finally, a little while later etc) Make a storymap of the key points of the story and write a sentence for each picture using an adverbial of time.

Wednesday - Work your way through the powerpoint. Today we are going to plan a new story based on the story of The Pied Piper. We are going to change the main two characters. What is your new character called? What instrument does he/she play? Instead of the Mayor, who leads the town? (The Queen? A famous singer? A prince?)

Thursday/Friday - Read through the alternative story - The Flute Player of London. Look carefully at the language used. Which adjectives can you see? Adverbials of time? Any good words that you like? Use the story as a prompt to write your own story. Come up with how the story should end. Use the next two days to write your own story using your plan and the modelled version to help you.