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Welcome to Week 6 of your Year 4 Literacy Home Learning!


This week, we are writing a persuasive letter to persuade Mr Brogan that either the Celts are better than Romans or the Romans are better than the Celts.


Using the good version, the resources below and any other research you have carried out, write your own version of the persuasive letter, ensuring you focus on: the correct layout of a letter, including different types of persuasive language throughout (including giving reasons behind your argument with evidence to support them), correctly punctuating your various ideas and using thoughtful openers that hook and engage the reader. 


The PowerPoint will talk you through how to plan, write and edit your writing each day. There are screenshots included of the section that you are aiming to write each day.

When the 'whiteboards' are mentioned, if you have your own whiteboard - great! If not, use any paper you have :).