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We are writing a non-chronological report about an alien this week. When you have looked through the Alien Pictures PowerPoint, you will need to select an alien that you are going to write about, you can change some things about your alien, but the pictures are to help you think about what it may look like. Use the Habitat Information Sheet to help decide where your alien lives; the Diet Information Sheet to choose your alien’s diet; and use Fact Files for any additional information on your alien.

Add the information about your alien to your Planning Sheet. You could even draw a sketch of what your alien will look like.


Tuesday (Video Lesson)

Read the Modelled Version, picking out any good vocabulary and phrases.

Read through the Poor Version, what can be up-levelled?

You can watch today's video lesson here.


Wednesday /Thursday

Think about the punctuation within your first paragraph and the effect it will have.

Write your Introduction paragraph; do not forget to refer back to your plan.

The Widgit is there for those children who usually use it or for anything who is particularly struggling

Continue writing your non-chronological report, include the sub-headings.


Friday (Zoom Lesson)

Conclude your writing. Before you start writing, look at the Modelled Version and create a checklist of what to include, helping you in your writing.

During the Zoom, we will work on editing and improving what you have written.